ABDEEN STONE  Group it’s a family business started in 1940 with Mr. abdeen the and it has started with discovering the Egyptian quarries of marble and granite in Egypt , .

Abdeen is the first one who discovered marble quarries in Egypt ,, and there was a material in that period was called abdeen according to the first quarry we have extract from it ,, and after that
the group of companies established in 1995 on the marble and granite industrial zone in Egypt on a total area 12000 sqm2 (2 quarries and 2 factories). Abdeen Group is specialized in the production of marble with high quality control due to the usage of the latest Italian marble technology. Abdeen Group is considered one of the top ten leading companies in Egypt that has a good reputation in the European, American, middle east and all over the world.

Our mission:
is providing our customers with the highest  quality of finished Egyptian marble and granite products in a reasonable price and time with satisfying customers by meeting their high expectations and satisfaction

Moreover .. As abdeen stone Family, we aim at maximizing and maintaining satisfaction of you, our respectable clients who have and will have chance to work with us. Moreover, we aim at making the best use of our country’s natural resources and making a contribution to ensure that they get the position they deserve.

As we know, the way to achieve our goals pass through working and producing in a planned fashion and knowing the true value of the resources we are having and introducing and marketing them in the best possible fashion. We are aware of this situation. We are aiming at serving to you valuable customers and our country for several years without losing this knowledge and the energy we have inside.

Quality control:
Abdeen Group aims at improving the business performance through the commitment of all employees, continuous improvement of products and services and the employees through the different traning courses that are given by the company.

Also Our quality policy is based on not damaging our company’s reputation and continuous customer satisfaction. For this reason, we should decrease our costs by meeting the legal and technical procedures and rules, increase efficiency and take care for protecting the environment without wasting resources. For a better future, we should adopt the “quality improvement” understanding together with all levels of the company’s top executives, ensure working in a team spirit and